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3StepAgreement™ is a software solution provided by Divorcesource.com

Separation and Divorce is something that happens to someone else - until it happens to you. Separation or divorce is seldom easy, but when a couple can agree about it, and be civil, Divorce Source is a company thousands have turned to since 1997.

Our record for simplicity, accuracy, affordability and speed has made Divorce Source a nationally recognized company.

3StepAgreement™ is designed for a couple to prepare - for himself or herself - a separation or settlement agreement.

Your separation/settlement agreement is delivered to you instantly for you and your spouse to sign. There's no waiting because it is printed instantly from your own computer. If you have problems using 3StepAgreement™, you can contact our "real person" support by telephone or e-mail. Our support team doesn't provide legal advice. If you need legal advice we recommend contacting a lawyer.

We know that separation and divorce, even under the best conditions, is a tough road to march, so our goal is to make the paperwork as easy as possible. We know that separation and divorce deranges finances, so our service is ideal for those who want to hold down costs by doing their own agreement.

Good Bye Hassles

The 3StepAgreement™ software uses question-and-answer technology to collect and manage information so you can prepare your own separation or settlement agreement, ready for signature.

With the 3StepAgreement™, you are in control. You can edit, revise or change the agreement anytime, without additional costs.

Simple and Easy

Inside your online account, you receive a prompt to answer a number of easy-to-understand questions. Each question is fully explained. After you've answered the questions, the software instantly generates your agreement, which you print out. Then you and your spouse review and sign it in front of a notary. It's that easy. It is also easy to make changes and additions to your agreement at no additional cost to you.

If you get stuck, however, our support staff gives individual attention to each individual support request. You can e-mail 24/7 from inside your account or call toll free at 1-800-680-9052, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., EST. As reminder we do not provide legal advice. We only provide support regarding the use of the software. If you need or require legal advice, we recommend you contact a lawyer.

A Reliable Software Solution

We back our software with our name --- Divorce Source

We have more than 20 years a divorce company on the Internet. Established in February 1997, Divorcesource.com is one of the largest, most popular and the oldest divorce information websites. Our site has been nationally recognized by USAToday, Forbes and NPR, just to name a few.

More than 1000 divorce professionals in the United States (attorneys, mediators and counselors) are Divorce Source members who are listed in the Divorce Source online professional directory.

We protect your privacy. Your personal information and data stay private because we utilize VeriSign security encryption. VeriSign - the world leader in online security - protects government and bank computer systems, and it insures that your information is safe.

Divorce Source does not sell, rent or share personal and/or account information with any third parties.

All in All

The 3StepAgreement™ is provided by an established company that gives you:

- State specific paperwork - unlike many online solutions
- A separation/settlement, ready for signature
- 100 percent, money-back guarantee
- No waiting. Immediate delivery
- "Real Person" Customer Product Support by Phone & E-mail
- Instant Generation with Full Editing Capabilities
- No Additional Charges for Updates or Changes

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Agreement Account Bonus If you have children, you will receive a 1-Year FREE subscription to Custody JunctionTM. With a value of $47, this bonus helps you manage divorced parenting, particularly custody, visitation and support payments. Your activation information is provided instantly with your documents and a tool like this is highly recommended by judges and lawyers.

3StepAgreementTM is provided by Divorce Source the owner and operator of the Divorce Source Network, the largest and most visited online divorce resource since 1997.

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Divorce Source has been nationally recognized in the media for over 10 years.
Divorce Source is celebrating over 20 + years of online business. 1997-2021

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